Sack Puts T.S to the Test

Apologies if this is similar to any previous posts, but after having watched Long Term Parking again last night, I noticed something in the scene in which Tony and Johnny Sack meet under the bridge at night. I hadn't noticed how hard JS was trying to put forth the superiority complex. When TS walks away for a momentary thought, he is stopped in his tracks when he notices JS's somewhat forced 'tough guy' demeanor. It is as if TS physically has a realization that JS is mostly barking, hoping that his newfound title is enough to prevent him from having to bite.

When TS makes his decision to go and tell JS and phil and whoever to f**k themselves, it looks like JS is smirking. It seems to me that we are pushing that scene to the extreme by assuming that a NY/NJ war is pending. JS smirking seemed to me like it was a result of his respect for TS not backing down and making the right decision to stand tall and hold his ground. I find it hard to believe that JS actually wants a war with TS/NJ. Aside from the legal ramifications, I can't see JS wanting to risk his life for the sake of his ego.

Based on the snippets from the preview, JS and TS seem to still be talking, and Phil Leotardo seems upset that JS hasn't yet followed through on his NJ threats... "how long do i have to wait. an eye for an eye."

There is always a compromise, and i think phil leotardo and Tony B are it. Phil Leotardo has made threats to TS and his family and will remain a threat due to their history. Hopefully JS will return to his pragmatic ways and realize that Phil is expendable for the sake of business relations. Not that it would happen, but it would be a riveting scene to witness TonyB and TonyS take down Phil Leotardo at Uncle Pats, only to have JS show up in the aftermath to witness TS kill his closest relative as a sign of good faith between the two families. (JS would never put himself at risk in such a way though)

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