Sac Bunt, Christopher's visitor, and AJ as a business man?

In the previews for next week on the HBO website 3 things that stuck out to me were the sac bunt, christopher's visitor and AJ's business acumen. First off Christopher's visitor(in my opinion) is most likely Tim Daly, who was in one of the earlier
episodes. Mainly because that episode when he owes Chris money after gambling it all away didn't really have any closure to it. Plus in the TCA trailer on the HBO website they show a clip of Tim Daly that wasn't in the earlier episode he was in. AJ's business acumen has to be something decisive, considering its the last episode. The thing about AJ demonstrating his business acumen really confuses me. Throughout the season They've showed him only as a little screwed up kid who has no common sense what so ever. Him being a cunning business man is something i could never see. Hopefully he tries to make himself look like some kind of smart business man and ends up messing everything up with the wrong crowd. (This is just wishful thinking though) Lastly the Sacrifice bunt that Tony S. is considering. I can see this being a crucial part of the final episode, but who he would sacrifice is the big question. As much as i don't want to see it, but Tony may give up Christopher to NY to settle the fued. But why would that help things with NJ.My three conclusions are a little far feched, but I'm just wondering what all u guys think these previes refer to.

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