The Valachi Papers

Ok, I'm about 3/4 through with reading the Valachi Papers but after reading it I feel that the references to it posted here regarding it's meaning in Tony's dream could be flawed.

The book, even though it's source was Joseph Valachi. The first guy to ever inform the Feds of all of the internal working of the Cosa Nostra (This thing of ours) is really his memories of his life. And primarily about how different bosses were double crossed and taken out. Disagreements between soldiers that went to the table. Partners in crime doublecrossing one another but not to the cops.

I think when Tony is saying "I've done my homework" and takes out the Valachi papers he's realizing that there's gonna be a war with NY and he better be prepared.

I see him meeting with John. John's gonna want Tony B's head on a platter. Tony will agree under the guise that he'll take care of it. Tony will end up not being able to do it and will then team up with Lil Carmine against John. John gets taken out. I do think someone on Tony's team will get taken out as well but I'm not too sure who. Maybe Tony B but not immediate family.

Christapha is getting more and more disgruntled and could be more of a candidate for flipping that Tony but that hurts too bad for me to talk about those thoughts....

I guess we'll all see soon enough......

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