Carmella (Trailer 4)

Hello there. I've been reading the boards for awhile now, but seeing all this speculation about the fate of Carm got me to thinking. I went back and watched the trailers, and noticed something in Trailer 4. There's a shot from outside the house, that looks to be from the backyard showing Carm from a window, as if someone is approaching from outside. I dont' recall seeing this shot in any episode as of yet, and was curious if anyone else had noticed this. If you check out Trailer 4, it's about halfway through. This trailer in specifically focuses on alot of the dealings with her as well, and ends with her standing very stoic, and an almost dead like look with her dressed in black, and the ducks seen flying away from the stormy weather in the background with a bright light clearing from the center (eye of the storm maybe?).

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