Tony is the Boss

There have been several posts referring to Junior is the actual boss and that Tony is the "street boss" or "underboss".

This is wrong. Tony is the boss. Tony makes all the decisions and answers to no one. Tony left Junior as boss in title alone so that the feds would indict him, and not go after Tony. Tony knew Junior's ego wouldn't let him reveal to the Feds that he was taking orders from his nephew. This was all fleshed out in Season 1. Junior may quip "I'm still the boss of this family", but both he and Tony know that Tony is the actual boss.

The point in this is that I don't know who Tony could "sing" about if he flipped. Johnny Sack - maybe, his underlings - for sure, but I don't think the feds would give him this option. He is the person they want to put in jail, they aren't using him to get to Johnny Sack or the New Jersey capos.

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