Carmine (to Tony): "Answer the fuckin' thing"

A random side note:

At the very beginning of the dream when Tony is talking to Carmine Sr. (dead) and Carmine looks over at the phone (which hasn't rung yet) and says "Answer the fuckin' thing!" The first time we see Carmine (don't remember the episode but I think he was introduced in season 2) and he tells Tony "there's no stigmata" (hilarious), he tells Johnny Sac (I think) whose phone is ringing to "Answer the fuckin' thing!" in almost the exact same way.

Just thought that was interesting because that line in the Test Dream always stood out to me so I was surprised when I saw it being spoken in an earlier episode.

Re: Carmine (to Tony): "Answer the fuckin' thing"

I believe Carmine says it in season 4 as well, also in response to Johnny Sack's ringing phone. It seems Carmine wanted people to pick up the phone before it actually rang, so that he wouldn't have to listen to it.

The part that sends me into hysterics, no matter how many times I watch it, is right before that when Tony first wakes up and sees Carmine Sr. next to him. He jumps out of bed with a "What the fuck?!" and crawls backwards across the floor. "I'm lonely, I miss my Violet!" Carmine tells him, to which Tony responds "What violin?!"
What violin?!
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