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for some reason i am unable to see any archived threads, only this one interesting post, and its allowing me to reply! Any suggestions? i can see the other archived seasons threads...

(maybe since we installed Word 2007, the lamest program Bill Gates has put out lately, the computer seems to have gone haywire!)

i wanted to find that reference in this ep to when Melfi quotes 'The Second Coming' to Tony, so i can bring it in to the current analysis of the use of The Second Coming in the Scene-by-Scene thread...:smile:

Re: Errors in this Ep

badabellisima wrote:...Word 2007, the lamest program Bill Gates has put out lately...
Man, you've got that right! Unfortunately, 2007's been installed on every single computer in my college. I can't get used to it, whatsoever.

As Tony rants about phone recordings and the technological "advancements" that, while meant to make life easier, only complicate matters (jee, kind of like Word 2007), Melfi agrees: "The center cannot hold. The falcon cannot her the falconer."

Re: Errors in this Ep

i share your pain! i had to first download latest Windows updates from Microsoft site, including ServicePack3, THEN download the actual "compatabilty" pack for previous versions of Word, Office, etc. if you do it out of order, might not work right.

Otherwise, you can't properly cut&paste, view Word docs in 2007 that were created in Office 2003, which almost everyone still runs. 2007 tries to convert the doc to become a 2007 doc, but leaves little font marks everywhere when pasting. There're numerous complaints going on about this problem, while Bill gates gets to force everyone into new software regardless of what works. One of the companies we work with had to buy numerous versions of 2007 at $500 a pop, then ended up removing all of it because of the time and trouble it was causing...

Re: Errors in this Ep

Memory has faded now, but all season 5 threads originated at Sopranoland. I believe this ep and Marco Polo were victims of the major crash that EZ board sustained back then. Other episodes were affected as well but not as completely. Bummer. One day when the rewatch is truly undertaken with gusto, we'll revive these old episode threads and hopefully generate some discussion for those eps that sustained losses on the old boards.

Thanks for the heads up about Word 2007. I'm still using Office 97 (!) and had recently contemplated upgrading. Not now, at least not to the most current version.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Errors in this Ep

Lady Soprano <3 wrote:While they are talking about terrorism and Tony attacks the bartender, Paulie tries to get tony off of him but instead of screaming Tony he screamed JIM!!!:eek:
Paulie often refers to Tony as "Skip". Sounds to me like he calls him "Skip" here, not Jim.
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