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It was an interesting allusion tonight- when that guy gets beat down at the construction yard in front of Finn, and they said "oh, lets say it was some unidentified black males- there they go now!"

And then with Tony talking to Melfi about using the same excuse for the night he had the panic attack and missed the job that Tony B got popped at.

On the other hand, this episode could also be described as the 'Finn and Meadow' episode of the season. He had more lines tonight than he's had the entire rest of the time he's been on the show. And for a reason, when we find out that they're getting married.

And then, we have the rapidly developing situation with the civil war in NY. And now Johnny has a legitimate beef to go to war with Tony. So all of a sudden Tony's now in this war up to here.

This is classic Sopranos all the way, I cant wait till next week!


Probably none

I'm not sure there will be a penalty. The show seems to delight in making us think big things will happen from various incidents, only to never mention them again. It's hard to say about the Gene/Paulie thing, but my guess is, nothing will come of it.


tonights episode

Yeah, I agree....great episode. Things are really starting to come together. Some additional stuff I noticed not already mentioned:

- Tony B. playing host to Tony S. in Tony B's backyard at the beginning. Really punctuated the disparate livestyles they have.

- Finn's comment about how he wouldn't want to take a job at a McDonald's and "take a job away from a minority." On the surface they mean well, but doesn't that comment bring out how priviledged and elitist they are...despite their good intentions and liberal worldviews?

- I didn't understand what "getting straightened out" meant....I guess it means that Tony B. wants to be made.

I don't know....there was so much going on tonight that I can't remember it all. I'll have to watch it again to really get a grasp on things.

One thing that I found intriguing - this show really points out the fact that a person's perception of what is going on can often be completely off because of hidden motivations by another. In other words, you can be way wrong about why someone says or does something. For example:

- Finn proposes to Meadow. Meadow probably thinks it was made purely out of love, yet Finn's motivation was self-preservation.

- Tony B. might think that Tony S. is giving him more work and planning on "making" him because Tony feels he is due and capable. In reality, Tony S. is acting on guilt.

Great stuff tonight.



This episode was definitely the most clever and best of the season.....

The title was great.....not only did Tony S. blame his missing the job on the black guys, so did Tony B. at the beginning said the same thing when him and Tony were talking outside the Bing. Meadow blamed Jackie Jrs. death on African Americans and then of course the construction site beating......

I loved PEEPS on the tombstone.....that was sooooooo funny. I could not stop laughing......and then Sil said "Hes dislexic" and Tony said "what does that have to do w/ anything."

Vito the homo- I couldn't believe it but when I rewatched it he did look pretty faggy when he was playing with that fan......He was pretty scary when he confronted Finn outside the john though......

Loved how Paulie changed his tune when he found out who Meadows boyfriend is. Vito should be the same way you would think......

Johnny Sac scares me. I don't know what he will be capable of....

Melfi and Tonys scene at the end was awesome......

Ade calling the Feds.......what was up with that since she told them she was not gonna help anymore.....

Meadow drove me nuts......she was so insecure tonight and I have never really seen her be THAT insecure.

Chrissy's pissed....Everything Tony does is piling up on his last nerve.......

Man this was just the most awesome ep.....its worth watching again and again.......


Wow (again)

Great episode. I was on pins and needles for as much of it as I was for "Irregular Around the Margins."

I was glad to see Meadow's character get more than cursory attention for once this season. I hope Finn knows what he's getting into. That won't be the last fight he's going to see as a member of the Soprano family!

The Vito gay aspect was shocking and a great angle for future subplots. I am unsure whether he and Finn will "discuss" this issue again but I suspect Finn will come out unscathed if there is any consequences here.

Yay! The bear returned. (I had some bizarre notion than it might appear at the party last week but I'm glad it hasn't been totally eliminated from the writers' minds.)

Tony really put himself on the line for his cousin which almost seemed out of character for him until we got to....

What seemed to be one of the best, if not *the* best Tony/Melfi scene ever. Unlike so many scenes between them this season it wasn't cut short, it didn't leave most of the discussion to our imagination, it was ALL THERE and it was f---ing beautiful.

At the end, partly out of involvement with the character (and I suspect partly because this episode was so amazing), I started to tear up with Carm as she looked out at Tony in the pool. It is so sad to me that she can't think of Meadow's marriage right now without it reminding her of her own failed nuptials.


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