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I usually join the live chat, but my computer keeps saying it can't connect. Anyway, I have to say that I was on the edge of my seet through out the entire episode. The scene with Vito came as a complet surprise. I screamed "oh my god". The scenes with Carm were amaizing (of course that's coming from a Camela fan), but Emmy caliber stuff. Did anyone think that Finn may have proposed to Meadow to save his own ass? I really loved this episode.

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Re: Unidentified Black Males ~ Review

Frigging AWESOME episode. I can now understand why many of the cast were saying this might be the best season ever. Only one episode has been less than a B+ IMO, and several -- like tonight's -- have been A+.

I don't know how I can stand it if the next 4 eps get any better. Or if it's even possible for that to happen.

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Re: Unidentified Black Males ~ Review

NOW we know the REAL reason why our man Big Tony punked out of the score with Little Tony B. all those years ago!

Now here's what I think the significance of that therapy session with Tony and Melfi. Finally, for the first time EVER, Dr. Melfi is directly treating Tony's panic attacks in person. She's finally witnessed one with her own eyes--and helped him come out of it! And she helped him come out with the truth about what happened between himself and his cousin years ago, and how that had been eating him inside. Now, thanks to him finally being open with the latent, subconscious emotions that have been tormenting him, Tony has been able to "snap out" of a panic attack in progress. I think we're really heading into new territory with Tony and Dr. Melfi here!

Can't WAIT to see what next week's developments will be!


I'm assuming there is less activity here now than usual

because people are both stunned and going back to rewind their tapes and watch again. I decided to wait until the west coast feed for my second viewing just because I needed a break from the intensity.

Until then I am moved to just state the obvious: David Chase is an aboslute, authentic GENIUS. And the core writers he has assembled to help him (Green, Burgess, Winter, and others) have authored an epic, long-form dramatic work the likes of which may never be equalled and IMO will certainly never be surpassed. In a couple hundred years, there should be as many college film/literature classes assigning The Sopranos for viewing and analysis as there are lit classes now assigning the works of Shakespeare for reading.

Selfishly, I thank God that Chase never fulfilled his dream of writing and directing feature films. Otherwise, the world would have been cheated of something far, FAR more valuable than just another great movie or two or three. Utilizing the only dramatic form that could possibly allow The Sopranos to deliver as explosively and impactfully as it does at times -- the long-running serial drama or "soap opera" -- Chase has written his name into a class of artistic immortality so exclusive that (paraphrasing Bum Phillips) "it won't take long to call the roll".

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