Will Johnny Sack order Dr. Melfi whacked?

Johnny Sack is deeply suspicious of Tony. He thinks Tony is secretly in cahoots with Little Carmine. He has never trusted Tony, and he resents Tony for not whacking Little Carmine after he'd given him the order. So he starts having Tony followed. Or he hears scuttlebutt that Tony's seeing a psychiatrist and has him followed. Either way, Johnny Sack finds out about Dr. Melfi. Up until now, only Christopher, Paulie, and Silvio know Tony's been seeing a psychiatrist and even they don't know her name. Now Sack finds out.

Johnny Sack is completely paranoid and will be immediately convinced that Tony has told Dr. Melfi too much, either intentionally or unintentionally. Either he confronts Tony and tells him to whack Dr. Melfi, or he has her killed himself. Either way it sets up a confrontation with Tony, because Johnny Sack won't know that Tony has feelings for Dr. Melfi.

Johnny Sack gives Tony a choice. Kill your shrink, or we'll kill your shrink. Either way she's got to go for the good of the families. Otherwise, Johnny Sack will tell the heads of the other families, the russians, and everybody else important, that Tony's been seeing a psychiatrist. Tony would never be trusted again. He'd be finished in "This Thing of Ours" He'd get whacked by somebody who is paranoid enough to think he might be telling Melfi secrets in his sessions. Melfi must go. Tony then has a choice, save his career in the mafia or save Dr. Melfi.

I think its obvious he can't keep his Melfi sessions as secret as they have been. It will get out. And when it does, Tony will have some hard decisions to make. Can he whack Dr. Melfi after all she's done for him?

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