Many Saints Of Newark


I'm preparing a post about some predictions about the coming Movie of David Chase.
I thought about publishing it in the "The Movie Never Ends" section, but its description says it about fanfictions and what would happen after the show. Clearly, it wasn't made with the Many Saints in mind!

So... I wanted to give you a heads up, since I'm not planning on posting before a couple of days.


Re: Many Saints Of Newark


I need to make a new forum dedicated to the movie, not least because traffic to the site is bound to pick up a bit as the release of the film draws closer and (perhaps) some old members here return to discuss. "The Movie Never Ends" forum was started just after the show ended to accommodate all those who wanted to speculate about some version of a sequel, prequel, or continuation of the show in some form. The Many Saints of Newark is just that, so speculation about it certainly fits in the existing speculation forum, yet because it's a reality, it really needs its own forum.

Of course I'm long overdue here for some reorganization anyway. Give me a few days to think about how it should be done. Hopefully by July 4th weekend I'll have another option for you.:-)

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