Re: Anybody else cry seeing the Soprano's cast at the funera

Seeing the pics of it that were emailed to me yesterday, it was right there and then that his passing finally started to actually sink in. I had to work yesterday afternoon otherwise I would have driven out there and had I been there in person it's a certainty it would have hit much harder. You watch each an every episode beit all in order or just a few random consecutive ones from different seasons here and there and you feel as if you 'knew' these 'characters' personally. For me to have been there yesterday would have been like actually being at a real life funeral for someone whom I actually knew and seeing 'Carm', 'Meadow', 'Sil' along with the likes of 'Pussy', Christopher, and 'Aide' ('back from the dead' to pay their respects) and 'God', the 'Creator' himself, David Chase. etc. Just the same, it has still finally now sunk in.
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