Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

The "Bravo" channel is re-airing the episode of "Inside The Actor's Studio" with James Gandolfini.

It will be on today [Sunday 6/23/13]
-at 6 PM EST
-again late "tonight" at 3 AM EST

Also on Monday 6/24/13
at 10:30 AM EST

Lastly on Wednesday 6/26/13
at 6 PM EST.

I posted this in this thread, because I am unsure if it is appropriate to put this sort of thing in the news section, seeing as this isn't technically news, or new. But I wouldn't feel right not mentioning it.

I personally have never seen this episode, nor did I know James was ever on this show, until I saw a clip from it on the news. I have a deep need to see it, asap. I am so glad Bravo decided to show it. I will probably lose it all over again watching it, but will stick it out. I still can't handle watching The Sopranos .. but this…, right now, this is perfect.

Re: Bravo to Re-air Gandolfini Appearance on "Inside the Act

So glad you posted this scrappie, and I took the liberty of moving it to its own thread to make sure it's seen. It's clearly meant as a tribute to Gandolfini, so I think it rightfully belongs in this forum.

I will be recording the episode. I recall watching it some years ago, but for some reason I don't think it got recorded, even though I usually recorded anything in depth with either Chase, Gandolfini, or Falco. Or maybe I did record it and it's buried on some old VHS tape, but I definitely want this one on the DVR.
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