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Thank you for allowing me here to share my thoughts. I am sure I will be popping up in many threads about stuff that all of you have probably rehashed and discussed a zillion times. And I agree, it is a very sad state of affairs, but as Tony would say "what are you gonna do?" (accompanied by a shrug). They all seemed so real to me, all the characters. I felt like I knew them. Knowing he won't show up in any new works, just gets me...I don't know, I can't really describe what I am's an emptiness. And a double whammy. Series is over AND James is gone :icon_frown:
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Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

Garth wrote: The series is full of haunting moments without this tragic turn. It is only going to be more strange watching or hearing musical ques from the show now. I keep thinking of how often the show used Tony's weight and health as a bit of a joke. Its hard to find humor in any of that, at least right now. I still don't feel like I've completely wrapped my head around it.

I've been watching the series on HBO SG ever since Jim died. They were in the middle of season five on 6/19. You are so right--very haunting stuff, from the scene at Uncle Pat's farm between Tony B and Christopher that I referenced earlier in this thread to Vito saying "God forbid T has a heart attack." Just watched the coma episodes the past couple nights. Again, it's spooky, but I find, despite the moments in each episode that remind of Jim's death, I eventually just get lost in the story...

But I'm gonna finish out the series (again) and take a long hiatus. Maybe I can go a year before revisiting it.

Watching The Sopranos the last three weeks has made me appreciate Gandolfini's performance even more, if that was even possible.

I think the vanity in most actors would prevent them from allowing their characters to be called "fat fucks" and all the other comments about Tony's health and weight in the last last couple seasons.

Oh, and I just read that of Jim's $70 million estate, $30 million is going to the IRS. Great.
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