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Very Sad that my first posting here has to be in this thread.....

What a terrible loss, what a great guy and only 51.

We finished a nice bottle of Barolo yesterday in his memory,
Salute Tony; R.I.P. James

Best regards and condolances to all here


Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

Well...maybe this is the way DC meant for the final scene to take place? We're all so busy looking for a hit or whacking. Who knew the big guy could go by natural causes which makes sense when you think about it..."best onion rings in the state"...We have to go some time.

Wow! he gets to meet Jesus Christ in person, our prayers are with you James.

Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

Barolo? No, thanx. Not at the moment. Funny jokes about descease? Not my way.

I was in the 800 year old cathedral in my city (old Europe, ya know),
lit a light and say a prayer...

(...and thinking what a coincidence: in Rome, on the way to Sicily...)

He always gave his best! Thank You!!!

Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

Jos wrote:Very Sad that my first posting here has to be in this thread.....
Several others are in that same boat (or very near it, having maybe only one prior post). It is sad but also very touching that people who've lurked here -- perhaps for years, content to just read -- have now felt the need to make their own voices heard. That in itself is a wonderful tribute to James. I thank you all -- newcomers, infrequent visitors, and hardcore old-timers. It helps to just share our feelings surrounding this terrible loss.
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

This is sad news. James is a legend and truly was a Father to much of America in a similar way that Bill Cosby was to another generation albeit the kind of Father who was a bad role model most of the time. You could tell that a big part of Tony's character was really James, not the actions of Tony but the overall Essence. Every performance on that show is EPIC. 86 episodes of EPIC! It was one of the most perfect castings for a part in the history of TV. James was Tony in many ways I think. Anyway, for me, its like my Dad dying all over again. Rest In Pizza my friend. I wonder if it just cut to black....
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

Re: James Gandolfini Dead!

@ douchebag,

Not sure if your comment was aimed at me, but I have to ask; do you really think I was making a joke?
In my circles it is perfectly honourable and respectful to raise a glass in remembrance of someone who just passed away. It was in that spirit that we had a little get-together with friends that are also sopranofans. No wisecracks or jokes.

I really don't want to get into one of those nasty online arguments, especially not in this thread, so please accept my apologies if I misinterpreted your remarks.

Best regards,


Re: James Gandolfini Dead!


...yepp, sorry was out of my mind 'cause of hurt.
Had that Chianti Gallo Nero last night. SALUTE!


P.S.: ..and by the way. my profile here is no fake. I's really born 1960 and I'm no troll. So, no fights!
Thou its hard to find lots of sopranos fans over here in Germany where the germs are many. Has to do maybe that we have not this cable TV system and they only aired the first two seasons late at night in bad translation/synchronization, so nobody realized that rage that you got over there in the U.S., except of hardcore lovers like me...

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