Thoughts on the cast additions for Season 4?

Boardwalk Empire's 4th season looks to have one of the most impressive ensemble casts on TV. They're adding quality actors like Jeffrey Wright (a Golden Globe, Emmy and Tony winner), Ron Livingston (Office Space & Band of Brothers), Domenick Lombardozzi (Herc, from the Wire) and Brian Geraghty (the Hurt Locker, Flight, True Blood and he was the kid at the donut store that Chrissy shot in Season 1).

Here is a link with descriptions of each actor's new role in the show. ... w-regular/

I'm particularly excited to see Jeffrey Wright as Valentin Narcisse, and the group of characters the writers put him with--the character is "the most powerful man in Harlem," so I could see him being involved with Lucky/Meyer as their supplier of Heroin, or maybe vice versa. I'm also curious to see Domenick Lombardozzi as Ralph Capone, Al's older brother who runs one of Al's stills in Chicago. I'm pretty sure that Ralph was a big part of his brother's rise to power in 1924-25.

Re: Thoughts on the cast additions for Season 4?

Jeffrey Wright will clearly own this season, no doubt about that. Meanwhile it will be interesting to see Lombardozzi again, i haven't seen him in anything other than The Wire. I think i heard that Eric Ladin is also joining the cast as J Edgar Hoover, which should be interesting. Ladin has showed talent in "The Killing", a generally weak show, as the mayor's campaign advisor, and in Mad Men in his pretty small role as Betty's brother.
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