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I did say that it was just as good and that it may prove to be even better. It is a layered show and both Winter and Van Patten have brought with them the elements that made the Sopranos what it was. It's only two seasons old and its quality is undeniable.

Det. Hunt I noticed you haven't included Dexter on the list. This season has been entertaining as well as gripping television. However it had occured to me last year that the show is more of a guilty pleasure and that it has never quite been up there with the Sopranos, BE, Mad Men and The Wire.

Regarding BE, I wonder how the developments will affect next year's storyline. If I can make an indirect spoiler it is like Christopher getting whacked at the end of the second season. And what of Margaret and her 'charitable' gesture and what it also means to Nucky's plans?

Re: Season 2

Thanks, Fly. I'm still around but with not much to say on most days, I am afraid.

And I agree conkom, BE has a shot to prove as good as Sops, The Wire and a few other shows but I think the historical nature of the drama is what is pulling me in (Capone, Luciano, bootlegging, etc.) rather than the interpersonal relationships. I could not find one relationship on BE that is anywhere as near as powerful and intriguing as Carmela and Tony. By the end, their relationship was what kept me coming back for more rather than any hit, attempted hit, beatdown, mob action and so on. In that way, I think most shows will have a tough time competing with The Sopranos.

As for Dexter, I do watch it still but this season has been pretty bad (as was the last one, IMHO.) The Trinity Killer stuff was much more fascinating then Lumen or Colin Hanks (especially since many audience members caught the Geller thing pretty early.)
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Re: Season 2

Det. Hunt. Excellent call about the Tony and Carmella dynamic. And if anything it's a testimony of the chemistry between Gandolfini and Falco that made the Sopranos a cut above the rest.

I agree with you about Dexter. It's in a very different category from all these shows. It is not quality televison and more often than not it feels contrived and many of the cast of characters come across as two dimensional.

It comes across like an uncensored network TV show. I enjoy it but that's because I allow for low expectations. It's about as challenging as a gory video game - clever in a visceral way rather than intellectual.
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