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Is anyone else still following Boardwalk Empire?

I'm loving this season so far, it feels like a real step up from last year. The latest two episodes have been particularly solid. The power struggle has been intense so far. I found him a little bland as the lead at first, but Steve Buscemi is really warming into his role now. Jimmy's growing on me too, I really enjoyed his excursion to New York last week.

Nice to see Chalky White and Richard Harrow getting some more screen-time too. Not too sure I like where they're going with Margaret and Owen Sleater, but overall, I'm pretty happy with the season so far.

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Really looked forward this season. Lots of developing of the characters that look to really culminate into a pretty exciting season.

The combination of Broadwalk on at 9pm and then being able to seqway right into Breaking Bad has made for the best TV. Breaking Bads last 3 episodes have been some of the best i've ever seen

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I'm watching it and enjoying it immensely. The feud between Nucky and the Coomodore is compelling and I wonder which way Jimmy will eventually go. I think the Margaret and Owen sub-plots are fine. Clearly she has some secrets about her past.

This must have been close to, or the final performance of Tom Aldredge (Hugh De Angelis, Carmella's father).

Did anyone else catch Dominic Chianese's (Uncle Junior) cameos in the previous 2 episodes?

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Another great episode. A few thoughts...

- Wow, I didn't expect the Commodore to be taken out of the game this early. Nice to see him get his comeuppance in the final scene. Now he's become the bear from his hunting story a couple of episodes back.

- I didn't catch what the Commodore said to Eli. I thought I heard him say "cocksucker". It looks like Eli is going to try to jump ship now.

- A whole lot of half-faces this episode. Harrow, Commodore and the prohibition agent.

- Poor Richard. Fantastic directing in the scene between him and Angela.

- Manny Horvitz is shaping up to be an interesting character. I like that everyone on this show has a very distinctive voice.

- Rothstein is class, as usual. Great to get a peek at his family life. Loved watching him rehearse his greeting to Nucky.

- I don't know what to make of Margaret. I like her, but you never know what she's up to. One moment she's acting as Nucky's consigliere, then she's flirting with Owen, then she's trying to connect to the maids, then she's giving the maids a hard time, now she's storing away Nucky's money for herself (something the mistress with the wig had told her to do last season).

- Great to see Eddie showing off his opera talents.

- "Van Asshole?" Love it!

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This was the episode they got me back into the series. The combination of how intense several of the scenes were, and also knowing that i wasn't killing time till Breaking Bad came on, really had me pretty much involved. The final scene with Gillian slapping stroke victim Commodore was perhaps the most brutal hard to watch scene I've ever come across. Having a father who suffered a stroke last year, it was easy to see the Commodore was able to convey every bit of helplessness you know he was feeling. Man that was tough. Thats not to say Gillian wasn't letting loose of years of her pent up anger to the best of her ability. Your right, Margeret is all over the place. Can't figure her out. Looking forward to more of the NY and Chicago guys.

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There is much more to Margaret. The curious comment in last week's episode by the maid when she told Margaret that Margaret herself was the sister who the maid was enquiring about on the phone. And Nucky's observation about the family resemblence might suggest that Margaret is not Margaret.

This post has a plethora of Margaret mentions. If this wasn't a Sopranos forum there might have been a dedicated thread - Who is Margaret?

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Well we know now Margaret is Peg. Nucky was shot but only wounded. Agent Van Alden might be playing it both ways to ensure his survival. And James has probably got himself in too deep.

Frankly this series really is up there with The Sopranos, The Wire and Mad Men.

It's a layered show and a history lesson as well.

The scene with Margaret and her Irish family was beautifully done. The arkwardness between the siblings and the reconstruction of a 1920s' New York ghetto was reminiscent of Godfather II.

Again I cannot recommend this show highly enough. All Sopranos fans should come on board (or the boardwalk for that matter).

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I suppose it's a sign of how more and more distant The Sopranos has become, that there have been so few posts on this site these last few months. It is sad that the show's natural successor hasn't inspired any responses lately especially after this season's explosive finale. (Might I just hint at a little spoiler that it was just as shocking as "Long Term Parking".)

I strongly urge anyone who might still pop in this board to either watch BE or if you only sampled it and thought that it could never replace The Sopranos give it another go.

It really is just as good. May I be so heretical to suggest that it might prove to be even better.
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