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Re: Episode 1.03: Broadway Limited

I must be watching too much Sopranos, because I kept on recognising minor characters from the show. There was Johnny Sack's dad as a hospital patient (I love that guy, he's been great in both shows), Johnny's new son-in-law as the AC deputy, and Corky Caporale and Benny as the brothers who see Doyle.

That aside, I wasn't too impressed with this episode. Too many shock-value scenes for me. Very little plot-development or character-development too, but I guess they're just setting things up for future episodes at the moment. Mabye I'll like this one better once I've seen the whole season, but until then it's a '6.5' from me.

Re: Episode 1.03: Broadway Limited

That was half the fun of the episode for me last night as well. I'm pretty sure the elderly lady that was sitting with Kelly McDonald early in the episode was Cookie, his mothers "friend" Paulie was so fond of.

I see an egg has made it's first appearance. I just realized a dental reference as well. The dentist office looked suspiciously like the earlier Dr's office where perhaps the most excurciating on screen examination has ever taken place.

Definitely agree it was more of a transitional episode. Lots of stories starting to be more defined. McDonald and Nucky's girlfriend isn't going to end well, how far is Jimmy going to go with leaving his family or dealing with the photo guy along with the main plots.

I did get a kick out of the title of the episode though. My family and i used to take the Broadway Limited from NYC to Altoona PA every summer to visited grandparents. It was always a big deal. Not sure if thats what the NYC to Chicago amtrak is called anymore though.

Just checked and it doesn't run any longer. Amtrak did take it over in 1971 but shut it down in 1995

Also wrong about character who played Cookie-not the same actress. but knew i had seen Chalky White before. Played the owner of the apartment in the projects that Jackie jr hid out in

Re: Episode 1.03: Broadway Limited

Speaking of characters from other shows, in addition to Butchie, Benny, Tony B, and other Sopranos Alumni I am surely forgetting, Nucky's dead wife, in picture is Alma Garret from HBO's Deadwood, one of the cops is from HBO's Oz, Omar from HBO's The Wire (as mentioned) and more to come I am sure. There is a part of me that really likes it, but a larger part of me which finds it incredibly distracting, and think it is a bad move overall.
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