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Re: Episode 4.13:Whitecaps - Grades & General Review

how can there be no discussion about this episode? this might be one of the best episodes of the series.

anyway one scene that really strikes me is when tony an A.J. are talking, A.J. is complaining that his mother got upset at him when he showed up late for dinner. Tony defends Carmella saying that she goes to alot of trouble to make those meals. Tony says this while sitting back in his recliner eating salsa straight out of the glass container, and the salsa is by "GUILTLESS gourmet". Tony is no longer enjoying his wifes homemade dinners. he now eats straight from the jar. tony truely is guiltless in this scene, telling A.J. to appreciate the things he never did and has now lost, yet he acts like its all the same.

i dunno the scene says more than i can explain. the 'guiltless gourmet' is great symbolism
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