AJ and the spirit world, afterlife.

I watched " Calling all cars " last night. I noticed another bit of ominous foreshadowing regarding the fate of AJ. Trying to spook poor Bobby Jr. and Sofia he says " how about contacting the spirit world for real ".Right on cue the camera zooms from a wide angle shot right in to a close-up of him, very suggestively. Bobby asks why the spirits only talk to him, AJ, and he replies " because I'm the oldest and closest to the after-life". This is very similar to how he is described in the seven souls monologue, as the most " reliable guide in the after-life", or something to that effect. He will be one of the "family" who will live in Carm's spec house in the after-life that she tells Ade ( who we know to be dead ) about in her dream.
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