Johnny Sacks Maserati

I noticed, and I think this was the episode where Johnny Sack shows Tony his new Maserati, that when they go for the test drive in it, the car peels out in the exact same fashion as the car that threw out the crack and money near Tony B in the episode just prior to this one.... Could there be a correlation? Probably not, but watching it again just now it did seem odd....

Re: Johnny Sacks Maserati

I'm not realy sure, to be honest.

Probably a limited amount of sound effects for a powerful car racing off!

I still wonder how the FBI were able to take the Maserati from Christopher if he legitimately bought it from her.

The car was never stolen, and he had rightful ownership of it.

If he paid for it, and the FBI took Ginny's assets it's assumed that they took the cash he paid for it too.

Would he have been able to claim that cash back from the FBI?
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