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Re: Episode 4.03: Christopher - Grades & General Review

For me, this pretty much is the best episode ever of the Sopranos. Why, you might ask? Why or how could anyone possibly say that? Are they crazy? No. Let me explain because I think I have a unique perspective as someone who knows exactly where Chase is coming from on this episode. First of all, in the Hollywood pantheon, (which in case you aren't paying attention Chase is constantly paying homage to Hollywood mafia mythology in a very David Lynchian \Kubrick way)so theres this little story about how Marlin Brando refused his Oscar for his legendary performance as you guessed it, The Godfather. In his stead a Native American woman took the stage and the award. Satin Littlefeather was her name. Here is the video links. First the Oscar moment itself, second an interview with Brando explaining it.

Why is this important? Well, you see it created an eternal bond between the two cultures. How do you think Casinos got started on reservations, whose idea was that? mmmmmaybe a actor portraying a guy who owned casinos in vegas??? If you think Im making it up, research it, because its fascinating stuff. So to this day their is a very strong Italian Native American relationship. This episode so perfectly captures all the complexities of this relationship, all the way down to its own contradictions and paradoxes. Its perfectly potrayed and an important unknown part of the Italian mafia\movie entertainment industry. I wanted to share my thoughts out of my love and passion for both the subjects of this show and out of respect to one of the masters of the Craft himself, David Chase. If you are reading David, first of all FUCK YOU to the critics of this episode, secondly I thouroughly enjoyed this episode and appreciated all the subtle and not so subtle references to this important part of unknown Peoples history. One where an alliance actually was so powerful it made a lot of change. Because of that alliance for example, Salmon have a better chance at life in the rivers of Washington state. It had that big an effect. Ripples, a moment where the powers of Hollywood were used for Good.....
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

Re: Episode 4.03: Christopher - Grades & General Review

I posted this on IMDB.

I am in the middle of one of my marathons just finished Christopher. I know that is one of the most unliked episodes, but I think it really hits home.

The Italians and the Natives argue over Columbus. Montel Williams tries to lead a discussion, but gets offended because a reference to slavery was mentioned. Hesh and Reuben the Cuban start off in agreement, but argue over a Hitler reference. Our country is so divided that we can't have civil discourse without one side getting offended. It's not just race. It's politics, religion, etc.

And then you have Tony who only cares about the financial part. We have the extreme media on both sides feeding people's heads with their own views. Extremism sells. Happiness doesn't get ratings.
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