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Re: Episode 4.02: No Show - Grades & General Review

I've just been discussing this with a friend of mine, and I think my favourite scene throughout the entire 86 episodes is in this one.

The scene in the bedroom, with Tony, Carmella, and Meadow with Meadow wanting to go to Europe is one of the most brilliantly acted few minutes of the entire series.

The point where Tony says 'You try me' has the hairs on the back of my neck standing on end. In isolation, it is truly a work of art.

The episode itself is good, but not a top one, but that scene just gets me. I thin I've watched this episode about ten times in the last few days, and I still love the scene.

Gandolfini plays this so so well.

Re: Episode 4.02: No Show - Grades & General Review

rich, you and me both! That is absolutely one of my favorite scenes in the series. The air is so heavy with so many different issues: Meadow essentially accusing her father of having something to do with Jackie's death; Tony riding the fine line between truth and lies; Carmela watching it all and feeling guilt because of her decision to marry and have children by this gangster. The acting from all 3 actors was superb, as good as the writing, which, of course, is the highest compliment possible. And the direction was absolutely stellar too, the way Gandolfini moves physically to impose his hulking frame directly in Meadow's face, forcing her to literally look up to him, Carmela framed in the background. Great, great scene.

I also love the scene that ends that ep, with Carm in the bathtub telling a bewildered Tony that Meadow blames her, not him. "For what?"
Tony, his spirits crushed after b-lining to the fridge first thing in the morning: "Who ate the last piece of cake?"

Re: Episode 4.02: No Show - Grades & General Review

the scene in medow's room showed once again the magnificent acting skills of the three. carmela's talks with tony this episode and the one before are brilliant n reavels her real toughts, saying " or you can watch the news. Everything comes to an end !" ". Listen to him now, what, do you feel guilty ? You have nothing to feel guilty about. It's me she blames. What for ? "

Re: Episode 4.02: No Show - Grades & General Review

The weirdest synchronicity just occured. While I was watching this episode the scene happened to come on you are talking about at the same time I was checking this thread for chatter. I agree. Wonderfully acted. It made me tear up when Tony said "Didnt I do everything to protect Jackie" as he got in Meadows face. It was scary and sad at the same time.
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.
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