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Re: Episode 3.13: Army of One - Grades & General Review

Actually I realized that this episode has many strange yet undeniable connections to the finale. And yes I think the tiger\FBI agent connection is about Ade being the cat in the finale. This episode points that way. Here is some other stuff

A. AJ, after having a major failure paired together with Jackie Jr's death, is told he is going to Military school which he ultimately avoids when he passes out like Tony. In the finale, we see AJ WANTING to join the military, much to Carm and Tonys' dislike. After his failed suicide attempt.

B. In a strange moment when Meadow runs out of Jackies service after throwing bread at Jr.'s performance, When Meadow runs across the street out of the Verservio's, It arguably is copied in the finale when she runs across the street into Holstens. The scenes have a similar camera angle and everything. Watch it for yourself.

C. Ade is wearing pants that have a tiger's head clearly printed on them and she shows them to the FBI agent who approves. In the finale we see a tiger like cat hanging out at the safe house and then the Bing...

Anyone else?
You know, Vito called me “skip” the other day. Slip of the tongue, no doubt. But I noticed he didn’t correct himself.

Re: Episode 3.13: Army of One - Grades & General Review

I agree about the symettry with the Hoslten's scene, especially Meadow running from Vesuvio's and running to Holsten's. In each scene she does look like she risks getting run over. And in each scene we see the same three together at the very end, Tony, Carmella and AJ.

In one scene Meadow is running from a funeral wake in the next scene she is running towards a...

Ah feggedaboudit!
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