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Re: Episode 3.12: Amour Fou - Grades & General Review

Very eventful and exciting episode, Gloria becomes increasingly more unstable and turns out to be even worse then Irina in terms of mental issues, Jackie Jr desperately wants to get made but doesn't think things through. There are a number of standout sequences, the gunfight at the card game, Gloria's struggle with Tony and begging him to kill her, Tony and Ralph's tense conversation regarding Jackie's botched robbery(especially poetic when Tony questions Ralph on whether he raised Jackie Jr as best he could, and Ralph gets a look of guilt, knowing that his tale of how Tony and Jackie Sr robbed Feech's card game and got made was responsible for inspiring Jackie Jr to try and do the same).

Re: Episode 3.12: Amour Fou - Grades & General Review

One thing I noticed in this episode that I don't recall ever reading about is the parallel between the painting that upsets Carmela in the opening scene (Jusepe de Ribera's The Mystical Marriage of Saint Catherine of Alexandria) and a moment between Gloria and Tony later in the episode where his hand touches her cheek in the same fashion.

It's obvious the baby is meant to represent Tony in some fashion, as Carmela alludes to it in the very opening scene. The baby is described as innocent by Carmela, which doesn't seem to fit with Tony at all. Apart from if we look at how naïve and manipulated he is as far as Gloria is concerned.

This coupling also brings ideas of Gloria and motherhood together, which is very apt seeing as she is Tony's current surrogate Livia, something which will become grossly apparent to Tony shortly.
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