NJ vs NY war

I agree, a NY vs NJ all-out war seems unlikely. NY is far more powerful, and if push came to shove they would have the backing of the other four NY families.

The actual NJ mob feeds on whatever scraps NY lets them have. The Sopranos version has more power and influence, but not that much.

At best, the NJ family and the NY family war would end in a stalemate - with everyone dead or in jail. Much like the Irish vs Italian mob wars in Cleaveland.


Re: next week/bigger question...

Do the previews ever truly reveal a significant future event? It seems that the most dramatic preview moments result in red herrings, while the big breaking events , in actuality, come as total non-previewed twists.

But, in the spirit of this thread, it looks like:

1. Carm and her mother have emotional conversation...possibly about revealed information regarding her and Wegler

2. Tony B has sitdown with Johnny Sack's family. I suggested earlier that Tony B might flip...but not to Feds...rather to "other" family.

3. It is clear that the NY family looks down upon their Jersey counterparts, as evidenced by disrespecful remarks made (by Phil L and Johnny S) during "In Camelot"...paving the road for major conflict....

4. "...someone's got to go..."

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Re: next week/bigger question...

I'm not sure what to think. To be honest I did not reconigize either of the two guys with Tony B. I see that Tony S is concerned with Johnny S's spending habits, which to me says that Tony S feels slighted.

I think that Tony S wants Johnny to need his help to accend to the throne. Tony wants his own importance and power to increase and what better way than to help the new NY boss take over.


Re: next week/bigger question...

well, there seems to be a rift between the NY family that was once Carmine Sr's. While Johnny Sack may have the most control and loyalty of the family, Carmine Jr is making his own play with his dad's former consigliere Garepe (who seems to respect his late boss' son) and another capo played by Frankie Valli. So my initial thought when seeing Tony B with Garape and Valli was they want him to do something against Johnny's side of the family to get Carmine Jr in power. However, I do not rule out the fact that while Garepe may be loyal, something is fishy with Valli's character and he might be plotting against Carmine Jr.

All that being said, Tony S. does not want war. He is not picking any sides because I don't think he is against Johnny Sack at all and doesn't seem to have a problem with Carmine Jr other than that he is not so bright. However Tony would get upset and may be forced to take a side if Tony B. decides personally to get involved with the feud in NY. just my opinion.

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