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Out of ten, I would give this a three out of ten. It was one of my least liked episodes. Too much time spent with Fran and for the first time that I can remember I was bored while watching the Sopranos.



The last episode was a 2 in my book and thats with a 1 point margin of error. This season is a C+ for a student you just want out of your class. I set this Question to anyone. "If I had not seen any of the 5th season so far, What have I missed on Sapronos that matters?"

I'll give you the further Love interest for Melphie(sp) or the short lived excitement of Christopher about getting wacked but all is happy wit both situations now.

A new character with Steve who is a long-lost brother figure who is never mentioned in 4 other seasons. Who,furthermore, the writers and Chase are afraid to give a decent character for fear that he will take over the show and pull away from peoples desire to see Tony S.

War Mr. Pink and at least there is Deadwood for Excitement...<img src= ALT="8)">


Re: Grade

8.5 - The show did drag a bit with Fran / Tony scenes, but the Christopher, Junior, Hesh and Phil subplots were all great and the flashback to Johnny and Livia was awesome. Perhaps the crowning moment of the episode for me was Tony lying for his father and realizing that maybe his mother wasn't 100% evil all the time... the shot of him, quietly self loathing at the bar was one of my all time favorite Tony moments.

However, I am literally dying to get back to this New York conflict. it's killing me! Hopefully next week will be nothing but.


Re: Grade

What kind of f------ question is that anyways? What constitutes 'something that matters'? Let me guess... someone getting whacked. Am I right?

This season has been brilliant so far. They obviously have to turn up the focus on Tony's past and psychology considering this is the second to last season.

As far as last episode goes, I give it a B. Why not? I loved watching Tony reject his resentment for his father by lying to the guys about what a 'princess' Fran was, because by resenting his father, he must subconciously resent himself.

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Re: Grade

I'd give this episode a 9 out of 10.

All three story lines tie in together. Yes. Even the Chris story line, which depicts bad influences on another ones life who is dependant on another for support like Johnny Soprano was to his kids

I loved Janice statement in the begining of the episode " you have to let kids do whatever they want, otherwise how are they going to learn from their mistakes."

There is no rationalization for being a bad influence on anyones life.

At the end of the episode Tony is forced to accept the reality of the man he idolized as being as false as Kennedy's Camelot.


grade, they lead us on last week

I give this episode an F plus! it was by far the worse episode this season.! true it may have served as a introduction to the future episodes, symbolism etc. but that can be done with a good episode too, so why make a crappy episode like that..
It focused to much on Tony and the goomar, and uncle junior and his stupid funerals.. The only good part was when Tony chased philly.. also it was so stupid how at the end of episode 6 they led us on.. They showed the preiview for the camelot episode, funerals, yelling, danger, excitement, BUT WHEN WE WATCHED The EPISODE it was so dumb.. tell me if im wrong but when yuo watched the preivews werent you all excited about how good this episode was gonna be? I was quite upset at the outcome!!<img src= ALT=":\">


Re: grade, they lead us on last week

I give it a D+ just because it really didn't compare to other episodes in other seasons....Nah, I changed my mind, too much pressure in here. I will give it a C

What does it say if other episodes bust their hump if this episode can get a good grade because you asked?

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It's a f--king question you didnt answer.
And to answer yours' YES If someone getting whacked means it aint boring then yes whack em all. I'm sick of nothing happening meaning slow "Dallas" writing for so many different directors that they have to end so that the beginning is the same. Like a sitcom, not a watercooler drama.

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