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I must admit that not only do I love coming on here and talking about the show with all of you, I can enjoy these conversations with my wife. She and I watch the show every week, then I come on these boards on Monday and find out what everyone is talking about-I take the topics and questions and my wife and I have our own side converstaions. This is what helps make this show great. Face it, there is a WHOLE lot more to think about in Sopranos vs. Friends!! <img src= ALT=":hat">


good points jgants

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I would have liked to have seen longer scenes with Tony confronting Hesh and the meeting with Phil and Sack, and expand more on the flashback and the subsequent scene with Melfi. <hr></blockquote>

In thinking about the episode I agree these would have been great additions to the episode. I didn't find the Fran scenes to be that slow but they could have been trimmed a bit without hurting them.

I also don't understand why the scenes with Melfi have been so shortened this season after Tony returned to therapy. Some of them are hardly more than a line. This contrasts those in the first three seasons where these were often some of the longest and, in my opinion, some of the most enjoyable exchanges in the series.

I may be mistaken but my impression remains that most people who didn't like this episode didn't find the main motivation of the Fran plot interesting. This is what iI have a hard time understanding.


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