Phil Leotardo acting scared

This was one of the most surprising parts of the episode to me. I found it hard to believe that Leotardo's character, after how tough he's been up to this point, would run like a bitch from Tony. With this scene, and the scene of Tony B. beating up Kim from last week, I feel like the writers have done a poor job with these sudden non-characteristic turns by these two new characters.


Phil Leotardo acting scared

That scene reminded me so much of a scene in "A Bronx Tail".
When "C" is chasing the guy who owes him 20 bucks. Sonny asks him " do you really like this guy" and C says "no, not really". Sonny tells him to let it go, because for 20 bucks he'll never have to deal with the guy again.
Great movie.


Re: Phil Leotardo acting scared

The thing is we really don't know Phill too well, we don't know how he acts under pressure and is in trouble. For all we know what we saw is in character for him. He may protray a hard a** but when it comes down to it and his back is against the wall we see he really isn't that tough.


Re: ...

At first Phil didn't have any respect for Tony because he was Jersey... like Carmine Sr. said "they're a glorified crew"...but Tony is still a boss and Phil only a Phil should give respect...and Tony did that to him to get wasn't like A Bronx Tale...because the money did wasn't alot but it mattered to Tony because it was his dad's girlfriends money...Tony not only ran him off the road to get the money...but so he didn't look like an a$$hole like Phil originally thought.


Tony B. beating up Kim

Not to get off-topic, but Tony B. beating up Kim was not so much a non-characteristic turn. Just before that sequence, Tony's girlfriend was berating him for complaining about the details that are getting on his nerves. Then Kim comes in and brings up the fact that the Massage Parlor opens in 3 days, but Kim hasn't done anything to help. Granted Kim is only "staking" Tony B, but being the mobster at heart that he his, Tony expects others to do the "heavy lifting." sometimes. Kim's friend Pak, the supposedly "good plumber" doesn't even have a part to fix the toilet.

I think the confluence of these factors just put Tony B. over the top and he went ape on Kim. It didn't surprise me at all. However, all that said, I agree whole-heartedly about Phil. It surprised me he ran from Tony S. Especially after the the strong character, Billy Batts, he played in Goodfellas - "now get your shine box Tommy!"

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scared or trying to get out

I honestly did not see Phil as being scared as much as he just wanted to prolong paying Tony money for a promise made that happened years ago. I mean, years ago he partnered with Hesh and Johnny Boy Soprano on this track, he went to the can, gets out and now has to cash out to his former partner's son because he said he was owed this money (although Tony knew he was going to give it Fran). Now one might expect Phil to get REALLY pissed but he was at sitdown with probably the next NY boss Johnny Sack and he had to remain calm. If he was really scared, he would have dropped the ice cream before he even got into the car. He just gave Tony the shaft which resulted in a little neck problem for him...

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