Questions about this episode

1) Why did we have to hear JT's AA story? What was the purpose of that? Did the fact that the scene ends with him talking about a moral inventory have something to do it?

2) At the funeral where Uncle Junior is sitting there sobbing out loud, why didn't Carmella comfort him? She was sitting next to him.

3) Was Tony going to see Phil Leotardo to collect his money or was theirs a chance meeting?

4) Is this the same lawyer Mel something or other, that Uncle Junior has always had?

1) At the beginning in the cemetary Fran couldn't hear Tony and he was right next to him in a quiet place, but yet at the race track with cars roaring by she could hear fine.

2) There was a slight discrepancy between something Junior said about Fran: he said he hesitated (to ask her to marry him) and she took that as a sign that he wasn't interested. Yet he said he suffered in silence and she never knew his feelings.

3) Tony's reactions in some situations this episode seemed very out of character for what him: his letting the subject of his dog being given to Fran's son drop so easily, his not getting more angry with Hesh over him holding out on the racetrack earnings and not disclosing it to him, and his getting to upset with Phil Leotardo. I realize that the Phil Leotardo argument is possibly a device to move the story of the NY-NJ war along, but it still seemed contrived. We have had no indication of a problem between them prior to this.

4) Continuity issue: The B & W photo of the young, sexy Fran was on the mantel with her photo of her son when Tony was looking at it in one scene. In the scene where Fran was showing Tony the JFK handkerchief, the photo is on the end table.

Finally, Johnny Sack is a sexy ass motherf------. He needsomecowbell...

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Re: Questions about this episode

a little nitpicky, no?<img src= ALT=";)">

Whatya talking about? Tony mentioned the dog thing throughout the whole episode. To Fran, Bobby, and Melfi...he brought it up numerous times.

Well you gotta remember Phil had money owed to Tony/Johnny (technically Fran) mobsters are obviously touchy about there money. Plus he's a capo and Tony is a boss.....

Goomars are just that, goomars. Fran was a supposed fling for Uncle Junior (but according to him he really loved her) he wanted to propose to her, thus stating he is serious about their relationship but didn't do so, because he didn't want Fran to come in this "life" cause he loved her that much...she than moved on to Johnny....anyway after all that Uncle Junior--..... basically he lied that's all. This was pointed out later on.

JT AA story is OBVIOUSLY a background about his drug problem and his relationship to Christopher and how (supposedly) close they are.

If you look closely, Tony spots Phil buying ice cream and than tries to talk to him, obviously things became a little

You can basically understand why Carmella acted the way she did, she was just surprised and confused at why Uncle Junior was everybody else - they never expected a guy like Uncle Junior breakdown like that despite it being a funeral and all.

What did you want Tony to do to Hesh? Curse the living daylights out of his old friend? Or give him a beating? This is Hesh were talking of the oldest friends of Tony/Johnny and crew. He is well respected and loved.....Tony gave him his own $50, 000 grand for crying out loud!

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Re: Questions about this episode

I was curious about Frans hearing as well.......glad IM not the only one.
Im not convinced either way she has a hearing problem but if she doesn't it was all part of her plan.......I really think she set Tony up to get a piece of the track....A little too convienient to be at the graveyard and a little too convienent it was for sale.....

I think we had to hear the AA story to set up the fact Chris knows the guy and knows him from rehab hence the show out to "my man Chris"


Re: Questions about this episode

I will agree that the whole JT story was pointless. We'll never see this character again, so why do we have to hear his (generic addict) story?

Carmella not comforting Junior is very in character. Ever since he tried to kill Tony in season 1 she's barely said a word to him, especially a kind one. She doesn't want anything to do with him.

I think Tony was going to see Leotardo. He mentioned to Fran he was going to conduct some business in the city. Phil just decided to take off when he saw Tony.

Junior's lawyer has been the same.

I agree Fran's hearing going in and out was part of her scamming Tony.



I think the JT plotline was put in place to dive deeper into the character of Chris. I think part of it was just the comedic aspect of a mobster (one who is also an addict himself) trying to comfort someone who's diving back into his demons, while at the same time beating him down for welching on a debt - hell, the reason why JT fell back is BECAUSE of Chris. Pretty funny stuff.

I think, in the grand scheme of things, the writers are trying to show how everyone that comes into contact with these people end up falling apart. Tony called himself the "Toxic Person," and Chris seems to have that effect, as well.

I didn't even think of Fran exaggerating her hearing to play on Tony's sympathies, but that's a great observation. I don't think, however, that Fran knew that Tony would be at the cemetary. I mean, how could she have? Besides, it's implied that Tony goes to a boatload of funerals/cemetaries.

And, Carm HATES Junior. That's been established already. No way would she comfort him.

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