The Three Main Characters

I like this episode because it focused on the three main characters....Chris, Tony, and Junior in that order. The reason for this is that Chris is the future, Tony is the present, and Junior is the past.

Chris- they need to start showing just exactly why he is the next Boss. It was clear to all that he handled this weeks task like Tony would and made a decent score. The driving force to the end of season six will not only be Chris becoming a Boss but becoming a well Respected Boss.

Tony- This was all about Family, Business, and Pleasure. Look at the parallels between Tony and his father...these are things Chris will have to deal with. The driving force behind Tony to the end of season six will be Tony either coming to peace with himself and Carm OR becoming exactly like Junior, spending his last days alone in his house waiting for death to knock on the door.

Junior- In dealing with house arrest, just like a death sentence, He feels alone much like Tony will when/If he loses Carm and no longer enjoys other women because he "has had them all".

This is the "Life" moving up and moving out


> The Three Main Characters

It's interesting that you list Junior as one of the three main characters. When I saw the posting, I was sure that the three main characters would be Tony, Chris, and Carmela (not Junior).

But I like your characterization as I, too, see the show more about Family than family.

But Chris has a looooooong way to go before he can ever be considered to be Boss. These days, we see two different sides of Christopher in alternating episodes: One week he's the sniveling, immature brat who has no place in "this thing of ours" and probably deserves the same fate as Jackie Jr., and the next week he's a solid, up and coming made guy destined for stardom.

Chris' inconistency is his own worst enemy and what has prevented him from becoming a young, rising star (as was the case with Tony and with Jackie Sr.).


Chris has no future..

I really think that you have it wrong, I think Chris has no future I think the new rising star is Tony B. Chris is just to much of a hothead he kind of reminds me of Sonny C from GF, Tony B screams Michael C.

I think that Tony S will see this too.


Re: The Three Main Characters

^^^ Tony B. ... come on you've got to be kidding me? He barely held his own against that Korean. Not to mention all the hits towards his possible homosexuality:

"You learn a lot about pleasuring men while in the can"

Remember how terrified Junior was of people finding out that he was a pussy eater ("It's a sign that you could be fanuc").

Chris has held his own and proved himself time in and time again. So there was the mishap with Adriana. How does that affect him as a boss? How do you think Tony would react if he believed Chris banged Carmella? In the exact same manner...

Tony B. is going to follow suit of all the new characters introduced this season ... that being a pain in the @ss for Tony Soprano. By the end of this season I predict that Tony B. will be in hot water.



Tony B. is a new character, I based my opinion on the show as a whole. There are three phases in this "LIFE" and how can you not notice that one person is comming up, another trying to hold his position on the top dealing with problems of being there, and one is going down and out. Tony was probably just like Chris when he was comming up and he will probably end up like Junior if he does not get back together with Carm.


The Three Main Characters

I agree about Chris; he has a looooooong way to go before he can ever be considered to be Boss. Is he even a captain yet? It was just recently he was "made." However, he still shows much better potential than Tony B. Since Tony is a paroled ex-con, the FBI could violate him just for being at poker game with known "undesirables." Remember Feech and the T.V.s?

Plus, Buscemi's characterizations and mannerisms don't lend themselves to the "Boss" persona. In most of his movies, he plays an outwardly tough guy but easily turns wussy when firmly confronted. In Fargo he gets shot by the father (of the kidnapped girl) then goes through the wood chipper. In Trees Lounge he is the consummate loser/drunk. The best girl he can get is the pubescent Chloe Sevigny (not that I'd turn her down now<img src= ALT=":evil"> )

Even in Reservoir Dogs (Q.T.s masterpiece to this day - I don't want to hear it about Kill Bill<img src= ALT=":b"> ) he hides during the Eddie/Joe/Mr. White stand-off. "You're Mr. Pink because you're a pussy"

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