I didn't know Hesh had a preference for Black women...

Was Hesh's preference for black women as lovers ever come up in a previous episode?

I was a bit surprised when I saw the old 50's photo of him standing next to a black female companion (with Johnny Boy & Fran). Then when he made the comment about Fran not being his type because "she's too pale" that really took me aback.

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P.S. - I just finished watching Season 1 on DVD and now that I think about it, I noticed that Hesh had a few black women around. But I thought they were workers or something.


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Hesh had the same black companion with him in either the second or third episode of Season 1 (the one with the motel and the Hasidim) and in the third or fourth episode of Season 2. This notwithstanding his scornful, condescending attitude toward blacks...remember his "painting faces and chasing zebras" to the gangster rapper, Massive Genius, in the Season 1 episode "A Hit is a Hit"?

Well, that seeming irony is nothing out of the ordinary. The history of race relations in America is rife with examples of racist (or at least xenophobic) white men who had a sexual taste for black women--from the antebellum Southern slaveowners who routinely raped their female slaves (remember "Roots"?), to modern day characters like the late Strom Thurmond, who, we now know, had a biracial daughter whom he kept secret but supported all throughout his life.


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I happened to notice this a while back (I am a black female, I couldn't miss it). Anyway I am wondering why they are making a point of it. They show Hesh with black females all the time but then he made his too pale comment. Are they trying to show what a hypocrite Hesh is? Abusing black male singers and then turning around and having black girlfriends/goomars.


It's business

There is nothing hypocritical about Hesh's relationships versus his business. All record labels (past and present) treat their artists like crap - making millions off of their talent while the artists suffer. Way things work. I'm also sure that Hesh developed his taste for black women much like all major representatives of starving talent finding themselves doing just about anything to make a name for themselves, hollywood or the music industry. They used the casting couch to get ahead.

No different from Chris using his AA buddy. They were friends, yet Chris had NO problem strongarming his friend for money.

It's business.


Re: I didn't know Hesh had a preference for Black women...

Could someone explain the argument that Hesh is racist? He is Jewish; he hangs around prominently black and Italian people and has worked with them his entire life; he perfers black women over white women, he was offended when somebody made a racial remark in "Christopher"...

The only thing I can even recall is him using the "N" word when talking to Massive Genuis, but for some reason it didn't offend me, it just seemed like Hesh was being himself; a blunt guy who doesn't hold anything back. Keep in mind he didnt call him the N word but used it in a general sense, and he was being shaken down for load of money. Just my take... I think Hesh is probably the most likeable "gangster" on the show outside of Bacala.

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