Bobby B.

I thought Bobby Bacala's comment about the farm where all those dogs go was freakin hilarious. I thought he was being sarcastic and that he was finally coming out of a shell.

I don't understand why no one in the room even cracked a smile. It made me laugh out loud, and Tony and Janice just walked away. Did Bobby actually think there was a farm with all that dogsh*t? If it was anyone else I wouldn't even bring this up, but you all remember the Quasi Moto - Nostrodamus confusion.


Re: Bobby B.

of course bobby was being sarcastic...u actually think he thought there was a farm where dogs go....when parents put their dog to sleep they tell their kid they took the dog to a farm...and bobby said , yea if thats true that same farm must have dog $hit up to the rafters...he may be dumb...but not retarded

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