Re: Subliminal Oedipal Factors in Tony?s Sexual Conduct

Fly, I am glad that you have posted on the Oedipal element that we saw. In that it is the Oedipal task for the son to kill the father so that he can "be with" the mother, Tony had a dual task didn't he? Livia and now...Fran! Through the Freudian lens Tony's developmental quest was to ultimately dethrone his father not once but twice, before ultimately psychologically aligning with Father.

As suggested, it is easier for Tony to rebuke any sort of Melfi interpretation regarding the Livia-Tony complex. But, the Fran-Tony complex was more imaginable...more accessible to him, if you will. But, he was highly defended by this interpretation.... I think that Tony was equally fascinated and disgusted by Fran. He delighted in her anachronistic exoticism...however, gradually became repulsed (IMO) by her narcissism.

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