Re: Favourite quotes from University

Tony: "Jesus Christ what the fuck already!"

Paulie: "Like an ad for a weight loss centre, before and way before"

Ralph: "I have come to reclaim Rome for my people"

Ralph: "What do have here? What's this, the handsome contest?

Ralph: "Where's Tony?"
Gigi: "Getting his weasel greased"
Ralph: "Oh, your kid brother's here"

Noah: "Caitlin, it was a homeless woman with the daily news up her butt"

Ralph: "They didn't have flatops in ancient Rome!"

Ralph: "Oh, I told you I wanted a painting commemorating my husband's last thoughts, you give me cows with halos and Indians making love? Mrs Custer he says, those are your husbands last thoughts, holy cow, look at all those fucking Indians :icon_mrgreen:

Ralph: "Why was I born handsome instead of rich?"
"I use the technique of positive visualization. How come I always feel undermined?"
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