Song that's playing when Bobby Sr dies?

I was just watching the episode "Another Toothpick", specifically the scene where Bobby Baccalieri, Sr. kills his godson "Mustang Sally" for clubbing Vito's brother and putting him in a coma.

After completing the job, Bobby Sr is driving in his car and having a cigarette, and starts to go into a coughing fit because of his lung cancer. In the background there's a song playing on the radio, which I vaguely recognize, but couldn't remember. It sounded like it might be George Harrison, but I'm not sure. Anyone know?

Re: Song that's playing when Bobby Sr dies?

Maybe I should've posted this in the Music forum, but it is an episode-specific question, so not sure where it is more appropriate.

Edit: found the answer in another thread, it's America: "Sister Golden Hair".
I went ahead and posted a thread in the music forum as well, Moderators please feel free to delete.
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