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Re: Episode 3.04: Employee of the Month - Grades & General R

a great episode full of great scenes.

The domestic friction caused by the rape is utterly believable, as are Melfi's reasons to cut down on normal procedure (ie follow the correct path of treatment for the condition) and carry on with the Soprano patient trough the course they have been taking so far.

The episode is also full of dreams, symbolic images & dialogues that carry more meaning than they'd seem to on the surface.

Re: Episode 3.04: Employee of the Month - Grades & General Review

One of my least favorite episodes. I did not like the storyline of Melfi getting raped one bit, it came across as kind of misogynist writing to be honest, as though she only existed to suffer trauma which is supposed to pass as character development. What was the point of all that? To show that bad things happen to good people? This show has already done that more than once previously and much better than this, and the poor explanation for the guy being let go felt way too contrived, in real life he could still have been identified even with evidence being mishandled.

That said, Lorraine Bracco's acting managing to overcome the bad writing and I enjoyed Tony's scenes, so it's still a decent episode.
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