I never even thought of that

Until I read this post I didn't think about Tony B's bathroom
break. It would make sense, Tony B is at the mock whacking and is the very diplomatic voice of reason, therefore if he is wearing a wire he appears not to be involved in a criminal act, he diffuses the situation.
This is way off in left field but if anyone has seen "Catch me if you Can" The main Character was released from jail by the Feds to work for them. Maybe Tony B is working for the Feds as a condition to early parole.
Tony B seems to me to be a very intelligent person, with the
criminal back round may be more valuable that Curto and Adrianna combined.
Just a thought.
I don't know if I buy the Judas angle, but it is defiantly an interesting concept

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Last supper scene

What I really noticed about this scene was that it was a show by Tony S. to everyone else that he still has his shiat together, regardless of all the chaos that's happened lately (Having Chris there after he shot up his car, etc, showing Chris and Ade together after all the rumors and the beating and all, and having Carmella there to show that they were still kind of civil to eachother).

It was a very beautifully shot scene, and, like someone above said, I think we'll be finding some more significance to this scene a little further along in the series.

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