dinner at the end

maybe i'm reading too much into this but

when we see the wide shot of the dinner at the end of the episode with tony s., tony b., chris and ladies, the framing of it jumped out immediately.

tony s. in the middle, arch above his head. people spread out to his sides.but only tony b. on the other side of the table.

the shot is kinda a hybrid of two last supper pictures. tony s with the arch/halo and tony b in the judas position.

sorry if this is mentioned elsewhere in this forum, but this hit me as i watch the episode again a few minutes ago and i had to post it.


Re: That's Interesting...I agree...

Exactly, Stoned... I posted this detail earlier. Tony B used the bathroom at Tony S's house before leaving and after delivering the news about Chrisssy. I know that Chase likes realistic, although pedestrian, details. At the same time, the bathroom thing made me think of the flipping angle, as well. Also reminded me of scenes with Big P in bathroom....

Entertaining the thought of TB's possibly flipping not to Feds, but to another family, pehaps...

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Re: Question

Not to sound rude or anything but if you look at WHO's sitting at the table the order makes sense. Any other order would kind of defeat the purpose of the dinner table.

Chris between Ade AND Tony

Tony in the MIDDLE

Carmella by Tony Sopranos side

Tony B's mother and Tony B.


I'm not saying that Tony B isn't a rat, highly unlikely as it is - in my opinion....its just that if Chase wanted it to be a more accurate symbolic scene we would have at least 8 more people on that dinner table.


Which one is Judas?

Counting in from the left, Judas is the 4th head you see. In this portrayal, Judas' face is the only one you don't see: he's being thrust outward toward the viewer by Peter, who is pushing forward to speak to John (who's immediately to the left of Jesus).


Re: Which one is Judas?

there are a number of other "Last Supper" pictures, all with the Judas in a position different from everyone else.

here's the one that came to mind when i saw the show.

Tintoretto's "Last Supper"

notice Judas by himself on our right side of the table.

as far as the seating. typically when blocking a shot, you don't want anyone not facing the camera. Ade is sideways enough for it to be ok, but Tony B has his back 95% to the camera. you could sit him there and show the scene and it wouldn't be a problem. BUT that shot lingered. i noticed it the first time i watched it. beautiful framing, but Chase lingered for a reason, it wasn't an oversight.

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