The Doctors

I'm not really sure why the writers chose to do this, but in this episode it seemed as though everyone was visiting a doctor at some point.

Anyone else notice this? Some kind of metaphor I missed?

OT: Very nice boards, I've been looking for a place to post about Sopranos for awhile. Now all I gotta do it find a Deadwood site <img src= ALT=":b">



Deadwood is great, Al Swearington is rutheless and very powerful, I like his character it has been pretty good so far,but as to posting about it there will never be a show so monumental and so can't miss as the Sopranos. The Sopranos is what it is all about there will always be new good shows but I can't see anything measuring up to it ever in my mind at least. But Deadwood has been a really good show. I think E B will end up dead by season's end although he seems to have been able to get out of a jam this past episode.



I totally agree. I just recently starting watching The Wire on 'On Demand'.

What a great show. I'm suprised it slipped under my radar for so long...


Re: Yup

All three shows which have been mentioned in the above post all are phenomenal and I've been watching each one since day one. As far as a show rivaling the Sopranos in terms of cultural impact I see the possibility with Deadwood.<img src= ALT=":evil">



How calm was that ER doctor when the Tonys confronted him. Great acting.
Tony B: "See any gunshot wounds or broken kneecaps?"

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