favorite scene

There were a couple of funny scenes in this episode. But my favorite was when they were checking with the doctor for medical evidence that Adriana didn't blow Tony. Tony B. sounded like a doctor, talking with a medical jargon, then when the doctor asked him if he was a doctor, he responded, no but I am an aspiring massage therapist.

Similar to those "No, but I did stay in a Holiday Inn last night" commercials.


Pizza on the Floor

How great was that!?!?!?

Tony storms out.

Carmela drops the pizza box on the floor, and exits stage left.

Tony slams the door back open and picks up the pizza. Then we bumbles back out.

Classic. Tony and Carm reminded me of Ralph Kramden and Alice.

Caraking up on the couch rest of the night.


Re: favorite scene

My fave was Tony scraping dog leavings off his shoe with a small stick, then handing it to the agitated Christopher and asking him throw into the wastebasket.

It was a gesture of complete disrespect which elucidates the depth of Tony's trust in his supposed right hand man.


Fav. Scene

My favorite scene is actually either Sil yeling down at the bing telling people everything is ok just an unsatisfied customer. And I liked the scene with the fellas at Satriales it was pretty funny Vito talkin bout his brogoual (sp?)!!!

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