Re: Why is Tony B's work shirt name "Luis"

...just one of those Chase-type realistic details. My guess is that some guy named Luis preceded Tony B at the laundry. Luis quit, retired, or was fired. But as the thrifty entrepreneur, the owner decided to recycle Luis's shirts. From previews and infererential detail, we see the owner as sort of complusive and uptight. Amusing observation about quirky detail...


> Re: Why is Tony B's work shirt name "Luis"

I picked up on that, too.

My thought was that Tony B is trying to be as incospicuous as possible while on parole.

For instance, when a day in the life of Tony B consists of driving around with Feech in Feech's convertible, and watching Feech beat some landscape contractor silly, it's better to wear a shirt that says "Luis" than one that says your real name.

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