Chrissy as Bush administration spokesman...

I continue to savor the segment with Ade and Chris in bathroom going about their morning grooming routines. Ade describes her consult with gastroenterologist, explaining that the doctor suspects stress as a major factor in her IBS. She further "explains" to Chrissy that "you know, it's the war in Mideast, Christopher" that has her stressed. His attempts to reassure her by describing the "president's" Mideast plan were hilarious. He cited something along the lines of "wiping up the world with 'them'... then taking over the world" as the current administration's gameplan, as he understood it. What a delicous ploy it was for Chase to use the very primitive and cognitively-limited Christopher as his (Chase's) own thinly disguised vehicle for what appears to be his own contempt for Bush. I imagine that the derision implied by this segment was offensive to Bush supporters, and my making note of it may rub salt in the wound. At the same time...LMAO.

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Chrissy as Bush administration spokesman...

I'm a Bush supporter and I wasn't offended by Chris' statement. It was funny because the idea of taking over the middle east, as Chris said, is so outrageous, yet it seemed so easy and acceptable to him. I'm not trying to make this political, but I think it portrayed what some people may say or think behind closed doors, but would be totally innappropriate to voice in public.


Ignorant Americans Not Anti-Bush?

On the face of it this would seem to be an anti-Bush comment but I think the intention was more of a social rather than political commentary.

I believe Chris' statement was intended to show that many people, on both sides of the political divide, are ignorant about the details of foreign policy. Clearly Bush is not trying to take over the world but Chris, and presumably many others (both supporters and detractors), think he is.

It is a 'how many Americans would have difficulty locating Iraq on a globe' kind of comment.


Just a Portrayal of Chris' View of the World

On its face, I think Chris' comment was meant to portray how a guy like Chris views the world. In his own world, there are rarely blurry lines. There is a sense of right and wrong (for the most part), and there is no room for indecision.

So, I think that a lot of people in Chris' world would be Bush-supporters, basically because of that very black and white, right and wrong view of the world.

As far as DC's attempt to emply some Hollywood pseudo-sophistication in taking a subtle dig at Bush, that's certainly possible. But it is important to remember that, even when there that attempt is being made, in reality there are usually two sides to every story, and a plausible argument can be made on either side.

For example, in the sitcom "All in The Family," creator Norman Lear (sp?) aimed to portray Archie Bunker as the ignorant yet likeable buffoon who was wrong in every argument he had with his liberal son-in-law, the Meathead. But the interesting thing was that among the thousands of viewers of that incredibly popular sitcom, many took sides, either with Archie or with the Meathead, and each side could not possibly imagine that the other side could be correct in any argument.


Chris like many people

Chris is like many people. They either don't know what is going on in the world at large as don't watch much news or as suggested above, looks at things black/white, and assumes others make the right decisions. Ada probably has time at home during the day/during the week to be able to watch TV, including the news and may be more willing to look at 'grays' of things. Besides what Chris said added to that scene, the difference between the two.


in production..."Shock and Awe"

Not sure...although I imagine that they may have been in production for this episode about a year ago, which would have been about 3 months after GB's January 2003 proclamation of his "Shock and Awe" campaign against Iraq. Or, in the words of Christopher Moltisanti, the plan to "...wipe up the world with 'them'...then, take over the world."

Again, these are not my words but, I allege, Chris's primitive understanding and narration of an equally primitive design.

Translation: Chase's allusion to his own antipathy for current administration, by using the devise of allowing Chris (the inarticulate anti-intellect) to give voice to the...well ("inarticulate-anti intellectual "*) president.

*again, not my words...I am merely quoting political/ military analysts, political historians and the like...

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