I See Potential for Tony B, Too

It is entirely possible - not now, but some years down the line - that Tony B could be Boss. Here's why:

1. When Tony B stepped up to the plate and handled the situation with Chris, he showed signs of leadership. Tony S was impulsive, indecisive, and handled the situation poorly. Normally, I think Tony S does a good job overall, but in this situation, he didn't act very much like the Boss of a Family.
Tony B's leadership of that situation reminded me of Michael Corleone in GF1 when he decided that the Family would have to kill Solozzo.

2. Tony S wants to turn over the reigns to a blood relative. To this point, Chris was Tony's choice. But now Tony sees that this would be a mistake (especially after last week). With Tony B, Tony S has a blood relative who, to this point, has shown no signs of disloyalty. Even when Feech would mockingly refer to Tony S as "The Boy King," or "Don Antonio," Tony B did not join in the bashing.

3. Even if Tony B is not yet made, that's only a matter of time. Remember, Michael Corleone wasn't "made" either, when he came back from serving in WWII. And, if you recall, Michael, like Tony B, wanted to be legitimate, too, instead of "getting mixed up in the Family business."


Re: I See Potential for Tony B, Too

well in mob terms...mobsters only use the word civillian to somebody who is not in "this thing of ours." Because once you become made you belong to the rules of the mafia and not that of a normal civillian.

(In real life Tony B. wouldnt be able to go straight - once your in, your in for life.)

Beansie was not a made man but an associate - richie aprile called him a civillian - "you choosin a civillian over me?"


Re: Tony B the future Boss of the Soprano Crew...

Tony Blundetto as absolutely NO chance of rising to the top of the Soprano familia. He's been away far too long and insists on going straight. Until tonight, however, when his best laid plans to be a civilian go deviously awry. First, his truck is linen truck stolen and the owner thinks he's behind it....then Tony B's old gambling demons get the better of him ...and Tony S has to bail him out, thus leaving Ttony B in debt to Tony S. hence the title of tonight's episode "Sentimental Education" and tony's tag line...."its hard doin bizniss wit strangers.." tony B get "SENTIMENTALLY EDUCATED' that he is who he is...a criminal, and not a civilian, and that he should have come to the familia whjen his gambling debts turned theateneing.

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