Not saying Tony B. won't get involved but you can't be serious about being the boss, if anything he would be a low level soldier. I mean the boss has to have the respect and loyalty of everyone, Silvio maybe, Paulie slight possibility but Tony B. know way, he hasn't even shown us any reason why he should be considered anything but a friend or associate to the Soprano family business, a friend to Tony and maybe some of the other guys but not a capo or boss.


Tony B

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>"I know your disappointed that I turned civillian" so that would indicate that HE IS a made man.<hr></blockquote>
Exactly how would that indicate that he's made? If he used to be well connected associate, he could say that he just wants to be a regular civilian now.


Re: Tony B

He probably was an associate 20 years ago and that's what Tony S. would have been as well back at that time.

If Tony B. didn't go to jail he would have rised in rank over time the same way Tony S. did.

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