White towel/hankercheif in Tony's pocket?

I was watching this episode the other day and noticed how during the scene where Tony and Ade are in the hospital after the crash and Tony is talking to her telling her how the Suburban is totaled, she has to stay there for the night, etc --- as he is bending over to talk to her we see a white towel or hankercheif or something hanging out of his back pocket? Tony doesnt normally carry a small white towel around with him.

I started thinking about the thread on the last episode of this season -- how Carmella gets up from the couch and was sitting on a white piece of paper. I wonder if there is any symbolic connection?

Re: White towel/hankercheif in Tony's pocket?

i've been thinking about this. Too unusual not to have some meaning. Who usually has a white little towel hanging out of their back pocket?

Think about where you've seen that: a coach or a referee. The black pants and the black & white striped shirt with the little towel on hand in case they need to "throw in the towel" to stop the action. Always with a little whistle hanging down or in their mouth even while they're yelling or talking.

And Tony did seem to be sort of coach-like in the scene.

And the connection to Carm's weird scene with the white paper on the couch (i posted before on this). Could it be a reference to her sitting on the evidence of her or Tony or AJ or another couch potato having already thrown in the towel on a situation at that time?

Or maybe-- it was just a blooper! :icon_mrgreen:
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