Re: Ade getting wacked this season

Drea De Matteo was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last week and basically came out and said she wasn't getting wacked this season. I was suprised since in any interview with the cast they never answer and questions or give any indication either way when a host asks...

Didn't Joe Pantoliano bet a talk show host, or at least guarantee him, that Ralph would survive the fourth season?


Tony and Carm, married again? No way!

I realize that I've been saying "No way!" to a hell of a lot of suggestions in this forum of late, so I regret to say it yet again, but I really feel behooved to say it now. I can't believe Tony and Carm will ever go back to the same kind of marital arrangement they had before. Nor do I WANT them to.

There's just too much bad blood between them, folks! The acrimony of their break-up was too great for me to be able to countenance a return to the status quo. Plus one must remember that if the kids didn't seem to particularly enjoy Carm's company before, they seem to downright despise her now, especially that moronic little pr-ck AJ. You think they could stand to live under the same roof again?

Besides, remember that Carm ultimately dumped Tony not because he's a gangster (she's no Kay Adams-Corleone), but because he's a cheating, horny "c--ze-hound", as Chris hilariously called him in Sunday night's episode. And after Tony actually seriously considered bedding down Adriana (of all bloody people--his beloved nephew Christopher's fiancee!!!), it makes no sense to conclude that T could ever change his ways in that particular respect. He'll always "have p--sy on the brain", as he once admitted to Dr. Melfi (see the episode "Funhouse"). After the way that wore Carmela down and finally devastated her, and after the way she reacted to the rumours about Tony and Ade, there's no way they can go back to the way things were before. That, by the way, is also my reason for not WANTING them to get back together. After 20 years of equivocating and settling for less than what she openly admitted she really wanted (a loving family with a faithful husband), Carmela finally corrected the mistake she originally made in marrying Tony in the first place. I can't see her getting back into that "bed of misery" again.

That said, I would like to see the acrimony between them end. Real life is full of situations in which married couples divorce, subsequently to become reasonably amicable with one another, if not good friends. Given the real emotional connection that did truly exist between Tony and Carmela, that's what I'd like to see happen in the end.

But for them to shack up the same way they were before again? No way. Give it up, folks. It's not going to happen.



Tony B was at the "mock" execution because Chris and Tony are his cousins. As for the other tough guys, they were their because someone had to tie Chris up and hold him back if he lunged, which he did.
I felt the dilemma that Tony was in during that scene. He could have killed his nephew, but then that would mean the rumours were true to everyone. And because he didn't, now both he and especially Chris look weak to the rest of the guys.
I think it was interesting how Joey Peeps and Phil Leotardo pretty much KNEW what was going on between Ade and T, but they were not part of the phone tag part of the show. Now that we can just assume all of NY, ie Johnny Sack, knows about Ade and T, true or not true, this cannot bode well for Tony. Sack now can easily get Chris to start something just like how he got Paulie to. Sack and Chris have something in common, they both KNOW who really killed Ralph who was a Captain. Tony is really creating a big mess for himself and wouldn't it be just like Johnny to jump on it.



Tony doesn't care about having to lie about Chrissy's disappearance. I don't think that too many people would care, except for Ade, and Chris' mother. (BTW...Is Chris' mother, Joanne Blundetto, a sister-in-law-or sister of Tony Blundetto?) if so, that family is close to incest! Because Dickie is Carmela's parent's first cousin...we need a thread dedicated to the family tree!). Tony is the boss; he doesn't need to worry about anything...the whacking would be justified...Chris was talking sh*t!


episode 5

After watching it again I thought this was a good episode.
For some reason, I thought the Tony/Adriana thing was a bit forced. It seemed too out of character for both of them to be interested sexually in one another. I know Tony is on a downward spiral, but it just didn't seem to fit.
Christopher's initial confrontation with Tony after the accident seemed out of character as well.....calling Tony the biggest p****hound and telling him that he would f*** a catchers mitt. I thought his boldness in talking to
Tony like that was a bit unbelievable.

This does set up an interesting dynamic between Christopher and Tony, however. I think Tony may have messed up by not killing Christopher. Tony now has a member of the family that has it in for him....whether he believes Tony or not. You really can't go back to being fond of someone after they've stuck a gun against your cheek. And Tony should remember that only Christopher knows what happened with Ralph. That kind of info. could get Tony in trouble with the capos and others.

I can't wait for Steve Buchemi to take an active role in the family business. Something tells me he is going to be one sick s.o.b.


Revised review

bushleaguer, I just watched it again, and I have to say, it gets better every time. I now would have to agree that it narrowly beats eps 1 and 4 this year and it is destined to remain an all-time favorite ep.

What few reservations I had about it initially were similar to yours, specifically the out-of-the-blue nature of the Ade/Tony interaction. But upon subsequent viewings, I was able to see more and more foundation for its plausibility, given both their circumstances at the moment.

I also think I was stunned the first couple of times I watched at how QUICKLY it moved and at all the sideline items that would have seemed more important in other contexts, principally Tony's skin cancer. Though it centered on only a single premise, the rapidity with which that premise was established and followed through to its inevitable if mildly ironic conclusion was just faster than the show usually moves.

Once I adjusted to that though and figured out a couple of puzzles that initially troubled me (Paulie's motives during the would-be whack), I have to say I think it is a fantastically brilliant ep.

Once again, kudos to Chase and his staff. I'm always pleased to see a Robin Green/Mitch Burgess credit, and they proved once again why they almost never disappoint.

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A Terrible episode

One of the worst. I'm in the minority here -- my mom, brother and friends vehemently disagree with me, saying it was one of the best.

But I thought it seemed really contrived and forced. It was too soap-opera-like. I didn't think it met the Sopranos standard. It was rushed. Perhaps as a 90-minute episode, they could have done justice to the plot. But it all seemed out of the blue. It was very "comic book."

Also, The Sopranos excels at subtle, darkly funny humor. But it fails badly when it has Tony B. doing his medical routine in the car. It seemed really silly -- like a page fell out of a Naked Gun movie script. And when he asks the doctor if he'd treated any gunshot wounds or broken kneecaps -- how formulaic. (Although, maybe it was designed to show how far out of the loop Tony B. is?)

For the first time, I left the episode not caring about any of the characters. Here's to hoping for a better episode next week -- and hoping that the shark hasn't been jumped (I doubt that it has).


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