great episode

I thought this was a great episode. Tony's attraction to Adriana came out of left field, who saw that coming? Loved the scene at the end when the family goes into Artie's restaurant all dressed up and trying to act normal, when we know that in fact nothing is normal.

I keep expecting Adriana to get whacked since its been announced that Drea De Matteo is leaving to do the Friends spinoff series on NBC. But what a twist it would be if she actually stays and Christopher is the one who gets whacked! Then Adriana becomes Tony's new mistress.


okay, wow

Great episode.

I loved that I actually had sympathy (but also contempt) for everyone who was affected by the rumor?

Tony... He went to see Melfi and clearly knew what the right thing was in this situation. Maybe he was actually trying to exercise ?impulse control? but if not for the accident, well, who knows? But the main thing to me is that nothing happened so he?s getting a bad situation that (for once) he doesn?t deserve.

Adriana... I never felt sorry this girl until recently but, damn, she's been through hell lately. Of course some part of her couldn't help but be attracted to someone that she views as very much like an older version of her fianc?. Also I think some part of her knows that if she did had something going with Tony that it would help the FBI case which may have been motivating her? But still, what does she expect when she's with Tony Soprano at 2 am?

Christopher? Okay, he?s a fiance-abusing bastard but he really got a hard situation here. I felt sympathy for him tonight big time, and I haven?t really felt much empathy for him since the long-lost acting class from season two. I can?t really think of anything worse that could happen to him to break his sobriety (Well, except maybe for the fact that Adriana is working with the FBI). His realization that even if the rumor wasn?t true that it didn?t matter was so completely right on that it gave me goosebumps.

Carmella... Now that she?s thrown Tony out, it?s hard not to feel this woman. It seems so unfair that she would get stained with this crap. Add the fact that she at least partly believes that the rumor wasn?t true, and it was really heartbreaking. But I really think she didn?t appear at the ?make-up? dinner for Tony?s sake but for own, so that she would look better and save face with everyone.

By the way, I agree 100% that Paulie was actually trying to help Chrissy (or least let him live) with his comment about the gun being empty.

Tony B came through as a serious voice of reason tonight, and I really wish that he can keep at least some of his rehabilitated nature through the season. I have loved every time he?s been on screen, and I hope Chase has more in mind that just a ?Carlito?s Way?-esque story of the criminal who can?t escape his past.

It was a very gripping episode for me. I kinda wish Tony?s attraction to Adriana had been foreshadowed a bit more but then when does Tony actually need time to get the hots for a woman?

I think these have been the best sequential five episodes since Season 1. So once again, wow.


Carmela's reaction and the closing dinner shot

<blockquote>Quote:<hr>I wondered if the ending signaled some sort of reconciliation between Tony and Carmela, the way Tony was gazing at Carmela when she went to dinner with him, as if he was realizing something about their bond that she would actually agree to go with him. <hr></blockquote>

That is exactly how I took that, not as necessarily signaling a future reconciliation but as confirming a lasting sense of obligation and emotional fidelity between them. I have to say that as many memorable scenes as there were in the ep, my favorite was that quiet little moment where Carm almost looks at Tony and immediately looks away while he continues to look at her, all set to that GLORIOUS Puccini aria. It was really quite moving to me.

Love is not often manifested between these people in "normal" ways. But even though they are separated and he can now fully unmask his incorrigible philandering, the fact that Tony went to her twice and was seeking some kind of assurance that she believed he wasn't that low showed how much his image in her eyes still matters to him. Other than the obvious need for Chris to believe it, Carmela was the one person whose opinion really mattered to him. And her reaction when he insisted she tell him whether she believed him was just classic. She clearly has every reason not to and knows that even his truths are nearly always half truths. But her emotional reaction showed how much she WANTS to believe in the vestiges of goodness she always thought he possessed, and I suppose that was enough for Tony.

Beautiful, beautiful sequence.

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Melfi's Subtle Jealousy

Did anyone notice Melfi's reaction when she asks Tony about Ade and he begins with "she's drop dead gorgeous"? A very discernable look of disappointment passed across her face in that moment. I swear I could read her thoughts: "He's moved on. <img src= ALT=">:"> And so soon!"

Then she ramped things up even further when arguing that his crap about having no "self control" was a rationalization. She shifted uncomfortably in her seat and actually turned away from him, sideways, unable to really make eye contact when she reminded him that he'd just recently told her she was "drop dead gorgeous" and seemed to be surviving just fine even though she told him she wouldn't date him.

Now I suppose that had some minimal anecdotal value to help prove her point, but I don't think for a minute that was the real reason she brought it up. It reminded me of Elliot's gratuitous reminder about the "c" word (which visibly irked her). I think she was greatly dismayed at the prospect that Tony has already supplanted her with another prospective conquest and object of fascination. She seemingly wanted to remind him that he's infatuated with her and that she was the one controlling the fact that they are not now currently involved.

To me this just proved that Melfi has it worse for Tony than I thought. There is a component of simple flattery, to be sure, but I think she'll be secretly hurt if he stops sending her flowers and bath potions! I hope Elliot can navigate his way through this in future eps.

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yes and YES


your last two out of three points...I absolutely, absolutely agree on. Your readings of the Soprano women (Carmela, Melfi) are dead on.

For me it was the best ep. of the season thus far...
I think it'll be one of those reverberating episodes. We'll feel the undercurrents of this one into season six.



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