How ironic...

that the mere suggestion of Adriana cheating causes Chris to go into a major meltdown (beating Adriana up, alcohol abuse, vandalism, assaulting a captain, threatening a family boss), yet he can and has actually screwed so many women that it isn't even funny...


Re: How ironic...

Come to think of it, in season 2, didn't Christopher sleep with his cousin's fiance -the movie producer (played by Alicia Witt) that Christopher was trying to sell his script to? Jon Favreau played himself in that episode.

Now that seems just a tad bit ironic, don't it?


Re: Re: How ironic...

It's not a matter of irony. It's a matter of hypocrisy derived from male chauvinism. In the mob world, wives stay submissive and loyal and faithful, while their husbands get to screw whoever they want, however they want, whenever they want, as long as the woman they're with is not the wife of a fellow mobster. As Janice once told Carmela, "They expect their wives to live like the f---ing nuns up at Mount Carmel College!"

Remember how Tony reacted to Carmela telling him about her infatuation with Furio? He came close to bashing her head in and still punched a hole in the wall. When I saw that, the hypocrisy of it almost made me hurl, though it hardly surprised me . . .



It seems to me that many women who watch the show just can't grasp the concept of a goomad. Many women have this distorted view that the world is a fair place, and men and women are treated equally. Yes, the guys cheat on their significant others. No, the wives are not allowed to do the same thing. Yes, they are supposed to smile and take it. No, it's not fair. Yes, that's the way it is.


What did Whackjob say, I am wondering...

Whackjob, it appears that you were censured by forum administrators due to possible profanity infringement. Maybe you had posted a strong reaction in opposition to Cody, or possibly even voiced agreement with his statement. In either case, I would like to hear what you said. Resorting to euphemisms as replacements for "stronger" language may not be nearly as satisfying for you, I realize, but try anyway...please. I am really curious....


what I posted...

It was my opinion that when women in this country knew their place and stayed in the kitchen preparing meals for their husbands and raising the children, this was a much better country.

I do find it strange that for people that watch a show that has copious amounts of profanities, nudity, and violence, not to mention that the stars of the show are all murderers, thieves, drug users/dealers, and other sordid types, the hypocritical nature of removing messages that contain obscenities or politically incorrect messages is odd, to say the least.

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